Founded in 2003
We've helped hundreds of athletes

We've also helped
senior citizens

And other people
who are on the go

Our Mission Is Helping You Live Your Best Life

At GOLDENBITE, we believe that every person on the planet with the will to move should be able to do that effectively.

It is that believe and mission that drives us to use ground breaking studies and extremely experienced healthcare professionals to innovate products that make you faster, stronger and more resilient.

When we help the world move, we move the world.

Where It All Started

There was a group of Neuromuscular Dentists making some custom oral appliances for professional athletes.  The appliances use the science of Neuromuscular dentistry and the laws of golden proportion to maximize an individual's overall body performance cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3000. 

The Problem

Everyone appeared to love the demonstrated benefits of the appliances but it seemed as though no one wanted to pay for them.  The professional athletes were of the mindset that we should give the appliances to them and sell them to the general public. Well, with a $1,500 to $3,000 appliance nobody would be able to buy it. 

The Spark

The inventor of the GOLDDENBITE Oral Appliance recognized that he needed to figure out a way to bring the benefits of this appliance to everyone at a reasonable cost so he set out to see if he could invent a product that would provide the same benefits as the custom appliance at a price point of less than $100.

Midnight Inspiration

After a few weeks of thinking about how to create the appliance, the concept came to the inventor in the middle of the night and he jumped out of the bed and designed the first generation GOLDENBITE product.

Refined Over Years Of Research and Design

We poured everything we had into this product. Working long nights after a full day of dental work. Forgoing weekends and off time to make sure it was right.

The product has been redesigned since the first generation and incorporates the best aspects of Neuromuscular dentistry and the laws of golden proportion into the appliance.  Get yours today and change your life!!

Founded In St. Louis

This midwest city is home to more than just the gateway arch. Its home to a thriving startup community. We are proud to have created GOLDENBITE here.

Who We Serve


Top athletes are always looking for the next edge to make them faster or stronger.

The Elderly

As you age, movement becomes more difficult and even more risky. We'll improve your balance, flexibility and range of motion.

People on the go

Not only do we reduce the risk of falls by improving balance, we also make every step stronger by aligning the spine.

Goldenbite Non Contact Oral Appliance

Goldenbite Non Contact Oral Appliance

Regular price$50.00

  • Decreases chances of injury
  • Aligns teeth and jaw joints which increase strength and balance
  • Reduces risk of falls by improving balance
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Open airway
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

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