Goldenbite Ultimate Affiliate bundle

Goldenbite Ultimate Affiliate bundle

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GOLDENBITE will instantly enhance your overall body performance. This enables you to work longer and harder. Your body will operate more efficiently.

You're stronger with GOLDENBITE. That means you can lift more or do more reps. That equates to you doing more work in less time.

GOLDENBITE’s patented technology is designed to open your airway for better breathing.

GOLDENBITE was created by a dentist who has used the oral appliance to help patients operate their bodies more efficiently for years.

Dentist approved

High-quality durable design

Our oral appliance uses the strongest and safest materials, all designed here in America by a practicing dentist.

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Recommended by Athletic Directors

You're free to use Goldenbite in your next game, meet, race, etc.

Administrators of sport organizations across the country are recommending GOLDENBITE to get better results

Fits Teenagers and Adults

Don't worry about not getting the right fit. GOLDENBITE was made for everyone above middle school. No need to guess sizing!

Don't take our word for it


It's definitely a product that's going to make a difference in your performance!

Brandon "Da Boss" Martin

St. Louis, MO


In our first game, our running back used it and had a 200 yard game. A defesive tackle also used it and had a really good game. When I talked to them, they talked about how they never felt tired.

Coach Fant

Chattanooga, TN


In the past I've struggled with 185 pounds. I've gained more stability and strength, doing 245 pounds now.

Jeremy Boyd

Henry County, GA


The strength benefits are obvious! Balance your life, with the GOLDENBITE.

Pastor Michael Carter

Largo, FL


It helps me with performance and protection. It give me a lot more balance and range of motion.

Jacob Clay

St. Louis, MO